Welcome toYourNameGear.com, the latest offering from the creative folks at Demanding Products, Inc. If you are familiar with our first personalized apparel site, YourNameUniversity.com, you get the concept. The ability to personalize your first or last name on several "University" style templates and printed/embroidered on over 90 products.

With YourNameGear.com, we are taking the offering of personalized apparel to a whole new level with the ability for our customers to order more dynamically created designs on more products with more colors. Our printing capabilities will also be upgraded with the use of Kornit Digitalís advanced technology direct-to-garment digital inkjet printers. Not only do Kornit Digitalís printers allow us to print apparel at higher rates, they also offer state-of-the-art white ink technology perfect for the printing of YourNameGear.comís new high-quality designs. Here's a look at the Kornit printer we will be using to print our cutting-edge YourNameGear.com designs.

The following "Your Name" designs (plus many more!) will be available at the launch of YourNameGear.com on August 12, 2013!: